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Warmer temperatures are on the way and spring is just around the corner. This means it is time to trade in your sweaters and scarves for your sundresses and flip flops. If you have limited storage space or a large wardrobe, you may struggle to find places to store all of your clothing. Transitioning your clothes and linens between the summer and winter months will allow you to take back control of your closet!

A closet is not designed nor intended to store four seasons worth of clothing. Most closets are only big enough to hold the clothes you are going to wear for the coming months. With Sterilite's Latching Boxes, you will be able to tackle this seasonal clothing swap with ease. The 25 Quart Latching Box and 56 Quart Wheeled Latching Box are ideal for storing all your seasonal clothing items.

Bedding, blankets, and linens tend to change with the seasons. Thick comforters and warm fuzzy blankets are ideal for the winter, while thin bedding and cool sheets are best for the summer. Before storing away your linens from this season, take the time to wash or dry clean them so they will be fresh and ready to use when they are unpacked. The 106 Quart Latching Box is perfect for storing blankets, comforters and decorative pillows.

The easiest way to combat the shoe clutter is to put a system in place. The first and most important step is to get rid of all those cardboard shoeboxes. Switching over to clear storage boxes will make it a lot easier to find the shoes you are looking for. The Sterilite 6 Quart Latching Box is the ideal size for sandals, sneakers, and flats while the 15 Quart Latching Box and 25 Quart Latching Box are great for larger shoes such as winter boots and men's shoes. The hinging lids make it easy to access your shoes with just one hand and the indexed lid allows multiple boxes to be stacked to maximize the vertical closet space.

With a little help from Sterilite, you will be amazed at how organized and efficient this system is. Happy organizing!

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